Our Programs
  • Academic
    Academic Coaching
    One of the fundamental goals of the Community Network Council is to improve the interactions between schools, and the kids and families they serve. To assist in this goal, we have our Academic Coachin...
  • Mentoring
    The goal of the CNC Mentoring program is to provide kids with guidance, healthy experiences with adults, and stability - which is why this is one of our core programs. Working with school officials, w...
  • Education
    Education Advocacy
    It is really difficult for many of us to keep up to date with changes to school policies, and to interact directly with school staff. Oftentimes this is due to our schedule, school staff schedule, or ...
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  • CNC Mentor Recruiting
    Monday - Dec 31, 2018 12:00 am
    The CNC has implemented a community-based youth mentoring program designed to encourage and support mutually beneficial, long-standing relationships between adult role models and c...